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Cindy’s Thai Massage offers massage services to the Chandler, AZ area.

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Cindy's Thai Massage

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Welcome to Cindy’s Thai Massage! We do all kinds of massage. We can turn on electricity blankets when clients need in each bed. We opened our doors in 2023. Our masseuses are trained by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, traditional Thai masseurs, and American massage schools. We use warm massage oil to provide you with a relaxing experience. Each of our massage rooms is equipped with essential oil lamps, creating a soothing atmosphere for you to unwind on our comfortable massage beds. Our goal is to provide you with the best service. We also offer elegant couple rooms for those looking to share this experience. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we would be very grateful if you could leave us a 5-star Google review if you are pleased with our service. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, please email us at and let us know who did the service and a description about your experience. We will make it right. It is our honor to serve you!

Our Massage Services

Types of Massage we offer

Couple Massage

Experience the pinnacle of relaxation in our exclusive couple's suite at Cindy's Thai Massage. Our spa features private rooms designed for couples, creating a serene environment for your Couple Massage. Enjoy the soothing ambiance with soft lighting, calming aromas,

Lomi Lomi Massage

Originating from the traditional healing massage technique of Polynesia, Hawaii, Lomi means "massage, rub, press, knead, and touch." This massage technique is combined with music. In a rhythmic way, it completely relaxes the body's muscles,

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, the traditional European massage technology, is the most acceptable massage method. Use essential oils to massage muscles, enhance body fluid circulation, relieve muscle tension and pain, promote metabolism in the body, and cleanse the body.

Thai Massage

Thai massage uses the adjustment of stretching muscles and moving joints to penetrate into the fascia, tendons, bone joints, nerves, blood vessels, lymph, and other specific parts through the skin, producing a series of physiological and pathological changes,




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This is one of best places. I have been visiting every month, their wonderful massage tones up and rejuvenates the whole body. There nice behavior and experienced hands are amazing. Nice fragrance, soothing hands, different types of massages leaves one feeling great. I recommend Cindy's massage.
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Give this place a try! I've received Thai, Sweedish, Lomi and Deep Tissue at this establishment. Each therapist proved to be well trained, professional and friendly. I plan on continuing my regular visits.
Julian L
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Cindy's offers a variety of different massage options. I had a great back walk and deep tissue massage. GREAT and friendly service, I feel awesome. Will definitely come back
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My lower back is so painful. I went to Cindy's Thai Massage, and she used the TDP Lamp to shine on my sore spot. I felt much better and very comfortable immediately. Then she used Chinese herbal medicine water to massage my painful area. I felt the medicine water penetrate into my muscles. After one hour of massage, I feel my pain is almost gone. She told me this is a healing massage, and it's really amazing. I will definitely come back!
Alex Sol
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I went to Cindy's Thai Massage last week, I really enjoyed that comfortable bed and warm blanket and warm oil! After 90 minutes deep tissue massage My whole body feel great! I definitely will back!
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